Sensory Odyssey

An immersive exhibition including 8K video, 360° sound, interactive technology and smell !

Creative Executive Director & Production Design

I have been fortunate enough to work for 3 years on the supervision and production of all the audiovisual content of this exhibition, from writing the script to the budget, from the selection of the team to the storyboard, from the direction of the shoots to post-production in 8k at 60fps for a total of 8 ecosystems to rebuild.

In collaboration with the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris.

Production : MARDI8 - Artisans d'idées
Interactivity : JEUDI8
Sound : People Are Sound
Video installation : ETC Onlyview

DOP : Daniel Meyer, Marc Rebuttini, Lucas Allain, Nicolas Goudeau-Monvois, Jean-Michel Poulichot, Jean-Charles Granjon, René Heuzey, Yoann Suberviolle. And a lot of other talented people ! 

Opening in Paris in October 2021 for 8 months and in Singapore in May 2023